• 1924, the Lithuanian Agricultural Academy Library was founded in Dotnuva. The core of the library was comprised of the collection of Dotnuva Agricultural Technical School library, which then contained 5043 publications.
  • 1939, Library stock – 29 300 copies, 278 readers. Most of books were in the German language; collection of old agricultural and Lithuanian literature.
  • 1944, July, retreating German army burns the Library down.
  • 1944, November, the Library activity was renewed together with reopening of the Academy.
  • 1946, the Library was moved to Kaunas – Central Building of Agricultural Academy in Kestutis street.
  • In the first years of the post-war period the Library stock grew rapidly. It received publications came from the collections of Palace of Agriculture and Ministry of Agriculture libraries; a great number of publications come from higher schools in Lithuania and Russia.
  • A new completed Library was irreparably damaged by the “cleaning” of libraries in 1946 – 1951. During this action over 5000 books published in 1918 – 1944 in Lithuania and abroad were taken out of the Library and destroyed.
  • 1950, Library stock was over 38000 copies, 150 periodicals subscribed.
  • 1964, Library, together with the Academy, moved to Noreikiskes, to specially equipped premises in the Central building.
  • 1980, Teaching Literature Lending department and Students Reading room were opened in the Third building.
  • 1994, Library became the member of Lithuanian Scientific Libraries Association.
  • 1995, the process of Library automation started. The necessary hardware and software – library information system ALISE created in Riga University – was acquired.
  • 1996, the Lithuanian University of Agriculture Library.
  • Since 1998 online catalogue is accessible in local network and internet.
  • 1998, the Library became the member of AGLINET.
  • Since 1998 the Library participated in LABT project.
  • Since 2000 – the library information system ALEPH500.
  • Since 2001 new online catalogue is accessible in internet http://lzuu.library.lt
  • Since 2004 the Library participated in Lithuanian ETD Information System.
  • Since 2005 the Library participated in Lithuanian Virtual Library project.

    2011, the library of Aleksandras Stulginskis University

The library participates in the Lithuanian and international projects of the libraries development, collaborates with the agricultural libraries of Germany, Dutch, Sweden, Finland.


  • Studentų g. 11, LT-53361 Akademija, Kauno r.
  • Tel. 8 37 752234
  • El.paštas: biblioteka@asu.lt

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