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Reader card is issued at the Central Library (Central Building). It must be shown every time you wish to borrow books.


Readers can borrow books, read the books, periodicals and other publications, copy, print, work with computers and use electronic resources in the Central library (Central building) or Textbook library (Third building).


The Library has a rich collection of various printed materials: textbooks, monographs, dissertations, conference papers, periodicals, statistical chronicles, and other learning materials. The stock of the library contains over 157 000 titles and 453 000 copies of printed documents.
E-books, articles and other resources. The university subscribes to 19 electronic databases which provide library users with access to over 3000 e-books and 23000 international scientific journals (http://biblioteka.asu.lt/en/databases/subscribed-databases/). Many electronic articles and books can be accessed through the open access databases that are created by ASU and other universities.


A combined search throughout all the various databases can be conducted in a quick and efficient way at the ASU Virtual Library .
ASU Virtual Library is an integral search engine which allows search in these resources:

  • Library catalogue – here you will find information on books and other documents held at Library;
  • Library resources – here you will find information from Library catalogue, database of publications by ASU researchers, database of doctoral and masters’ theses by ASU students;
  • Electronic databases – here you will find online books, thousands of scholarly articles and other documents which ASU Library subscribes to.
  • Lithuanian resources – here you can find information on books and other documents held at all Lithuanian academic libraries, open access electronic articles, books, doctoral and masters’ theses.

All the university community members can sign into ASU Virtual Library and use these services: request some books from ASU Library, see list of the personal loans (My Account), use other services offered by the VL (e-Shelf, Tags, searching for e-Journals and e-Books, exporting records to information manager RefWorks).

Access to subscribtion online databases is available to members of ASU community at the University or at home via ASU VPN.

Preparing computer for work with network in ASU dormitories


Readers can borrow books from the Main Library and the Textbook Library. First readers have to open up Library catalogue and find information about the books they wish to borrow. While online, it is important to look up the title, location, terms of borrowing, and availability of the book.

Books whose storage place is specified as Archival stock have to be ordered through the Library catalogue.

Books, whose storage place is specified as Open stock can be found on the shelves using UDC (UDC Summary) and Call Number. Readers have to look up the UDC and Call Number at the electronic catalogue. Readers can ask the Library staff for assistance.

After finding the books, the readers can take them to the self-service machines or to the Library Helpdesk.

Books cannot be loaned if the readers do not have their ID or reader card, or if they have a block on their library record, such as an overdue book.


Readers are responsible for returning the materials they have borrowed on time. The lending period for books from the Main library is one month. The lending period for books from the Textbook library is one semester or full academic year. The return date of the book is specified on the receipt or in the Library catalogue account.


Readers can extend the return deadline for books from the Main library as long as they are not overdue and have not been reserved by other readers. Loan periods can be extended online by logging into the personal Library catalogue account, by sending an e-mail to biblioteka@asu.lt, or by requesting assistance from the Library staff members.


Readers who are late to return books get a receipt indicating the amount of fines to be paid.
If the initial loan period is 7 days or more, the fine is 0,06 EUR for each working day the item is overdue.
If the initial loan period is 3 days or less, the fine is 0,60 EUR for each working day the item is overdue.

The borrower will be blocked from future loans until the fines are paid. A book that has been lost can be replaced by another one, please ask one of the staff members for more information about this possibility.


If certain books or scientific articles are not available at ASU library, they can be requested from other Lithuanian or foreign libraries using Interlibrary Loan.

The Library offers consultations, trainings, courses, and seminars in order to introduce the users with the various information sources that are available. Some instructions and learning materials can be found on the library’s website.

You can also work with laptops at these places. The wireless network Eduroam is available.

Having conversations on mobile phones is prohibited in the library. Be sure not to disturb your fellow students.

Copying and printing services are payable.

Book ordering through the Internet

Books, whose storage place is specified as Archival stock (Archyvinis fondas), must be ordered through the Library electronic catalogue.

  1. Open electronic catalogue: http://asu.library.lt
  2. Click the button Login and login (user ID – the user’s name up to the first dot).
  3. Choose english version of electronic catalogue.
  4. Search for an item that you want to place a hold on.
  5. Click on the number of the needed item at results list for full view of record.
  6. Click the holdings where you want to pick up the item: Central library stock (Centrinė biblioteka) or Text books library (Mokymo literatūros biblioteka).
  7. Click the reference Request. Due date of the item should be On Shelf.
  8. Click the Go (Vykdyti) button to submit your request.

You can view information (loans, loan hystory list and so on) on your library account. You need click the button Sing in.  The system will open the reader’s identification page which must be filled. Enter your User ID (the user’s name up to the first dot (e.g. S0497837).

In case of uncertainty or information need use the help or ask the librarian.

! The books which are in the open stock cannot be ordered through the Internet.

! The books ordered through the Internet have to be taken in 3 days at the library from which the ones were ordered.


  • Studentų g. 11, LT-53361 Akademija, Kauno r.
  • Tel. 8 37 752234
  • El.paštas: biblioteka@asu.lt

VDU Žemės ūkio akademijos Bibliotekos darbo laikas

  • VDU ŽŪA Centrinė biblioteka
    I-IV 8.00 – 19.00 val.
    V 8.00-18.00 val.
  • VDU ŽŪA Mokymo literatūros biblioteka
    I-IV 8.00 – 18.00 val.
    V 8.00-17.00 val.